Connor Archie,

Connor Archie
London, United Kingdom

Am from Poland but i live in London and you ? I’m an international Businessman Into the sales and marketing of copper wire for telecommunications an i have been private holder for 22 years already and it’s part of my life because i love my job with so much passion But also have a art shop newly open. Sorry how old are you ? I can speak little polish If you think i will mistake you for a street lady sorry my dear am very matured here Am not 18years old boy that goes around the street am 54 and i should be act as one

Am happy you making me write like this. I never think i would write like this for a lady thanks for bring the man in me again. Thanks xxxx if you say no to me i think i will be able to approach a lady ones more again for few days have know you i think you put a little chance in my life. kiss kiss thanks

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