more emails of scammers, part 3

931230_469602919789336_1603135297_nHere we will post emails and IP addresses of pictureless scammers whom we booted from our dating site.

They didn’t have a picture, their profile was basically empty, so they don’t deserve a separate blog. Actually, the amount of scammers is absolutely overwhelming, it looks like it tripled during the last 5 years, very hard to keep the pace with them and list everybody separately. However, they are still scammers, we kicked them out and their details should be posted to warn potential victims.


update 2/2/2017

update 1/8/2017

update 12/26/2016

update 12/17/2016

update 11/9/2016

update 11/1/2016

update 10/23/2016