Robert Mils,

username: robertmils
name: Robert Mils
alternative name: James Mils
age: 55
location: Fresno, California, United States
ethnicity: white
occupation: manager
marital status: widowed

IP address:

My Love;
How are you today,i am so worried that i have not heard from you all this time. I am in a better spirit today after a long night of question and answer with my daughter The questions started innocently with, how is your new found love Dad? I answered, she is fine. Where is she presently? I answered; in the US.
Q- Will she be coming for grandmas Funeral? A-NO, she will not, the funeral is just three days away and she cannot make it on such short notice. I just told her the funeral date few days ago via email so there is no way she will make it on such short notice
Q- Can I see her picture if you have any? A-I will get it and show you and I am sure you will love her.
Q- Dad, will you give me one of her pictures so that I will go back with it or rather, don’t worry Dad,
A- Diana, I will give you her pictures but I will first let her know so that she will know who you want her pictures
Q-That’s okay dad but you will do that tomorrow Today, so am telling you now my A-I will Diana.
Q-Dad does she know I registered you on the site? A-I told her about your role.
Q-what did she say? I can’t remember exactly because it was via email but I know she was happy that I joined the dating site
This was just the beginning of the conversation which lasted for almost 2 hours. My greatest joy is that she is happy that I am finding love again.
As I sit here, once again, you are the one person on my mind. I know today hasn’t been the greatest; I have to find this time to write you as I will be going for consultation with people that will assist me on the funeral arrangement and deliveries for tomorrow. Things have come and gone, just like mum has come and gone, but one thing still stay the same … you still take my breath away. It seems now to me that I could not live without you but funny enough I don’t even want to live without you.
I have thought before I lost my wife that I have found true love, a love so intense and real that I will forever be caught in its spell … until the day came when I lost her and realized I was mistaken. I have spent the most agonizing days of my life awaking from haunting nightmares, with dried tears on my pillows. I thought I had lost my sanity every time I remember and mourn for my lost love. I mourned her for many years and was able to get her out of my mind completely and move on with life
No sooner had we met that I suffered anguish, I lost my mum. I found it comforting to read and email you. The reassuring friendship we had was enough to keep my good sense intact. I wasn’t yearning anymore for her to come back, nor desperately seeking my next wonderful love affair. I am content with you. For you have given me the RED ROSE – for eternal Love or perhaps, the BLACK ROSE – for the forbidden Love. It’s the power of the meek, the strength of the silent. This is the love of the gardenia….
What makes me a different type of man is that I will never move away from someone I love, rather I will move closer, no matter the condition. If your words of anger will shatter my soul, I will not run, instead, take a step forward. I will not go away! I will move closer to you. That is where I want to be. That is where I feel happiness. That is where I have found love. Close to you and in you my princess. Thank you for everything. Bye for now and i will be happy to hear from you as i am so worried that i have not heard from you all this time, I have to go as arrangement continues.

Hi there I enjoyed reading your profile and viewing your profile photo and I appreciate your honesty in both,after all this is the internet. It seems as though we have several things in common if you’re interested,contact me and i will send your my picture on the email robertmils506 AT g m a i l . c o m

IP is a proxy
IP doesn’t correspond location
Pictures are stolen from a known source, from man named Donald N.
Registered on different sites with different details and names

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