Steve Edwin,

username: steedi4
name: Steve Edwin
age: 49
location: London, United Kingdom
ethnicity: white
occupation: Architect
marital status: widowed

IP address:

I am entering an era of rediscovery. We all face challenges at different stages of our lives, the strongest amongst us are the ones who get back on their feet every time they fall. Life is a continuous lesson. I have thought myself how to focus on the positives of life and not to let the negatives stop me from enjoying life, taking a deep breath occasionally and smiling.
I am a relatively new In London and I am Looking forward to exploring and enjoying this new adventure. I hope that someday I can find someone to have endless adventures and enjoy life with. I am extremely loyal and value trust as the most important trait in a relationship. If or when I find that one someone special I promise that I will walk through fire until my dying day for them.
I hope to find someone who is laid-back, easy-going, loving, caring and affectionate. I admit that I am not a perfect man, but I always try to be the best I can be for my loved ones. I have traveled quite a bit and I have lived in a few countries, but London remains my top favorite. With each adventure and experience, I have built my character to someone that I am proud of. I hope that I can find someone who is emotionally open, honest, trustworthy and loyal.

How are you doing are so beautiful and you get my eyes in alot of ways .I became interested in you when i saw your profile and i most confess you are my kind of woman so please i really want to get to know you more everyday .
I will be waiting to hear from you

IP is a proxy
IP doesn’t correspond location
Profile description is widely used in scams

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