Jones Willing,

username: joneswilling
name: Jones Willing
age: 50
location: Pleasant Grove, Utah, United States
ethnicity: white
occupation: self employed
marital status: divorced

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Life,every one of us wish to say so much good about our selves but who really knows the deepest part of our heart to be perfect? Actually,no one! but the little things we do in life with the little ones who can describe who we are’ proves our humanity!
I wish to use this opportunity to say that i am not perfect but i am good.i do try to subtract the bad from good in my daily bases in order to build it perfect but not yet it may take my whole life,who knows? honestly,being a good person is sweet and heart relaxing.i love nature and simple people,i don’t discriminate,i do understand the differences between human and their way of thinking so i don’t judge people.i have learned that where to find the best friends are from pets and kids,and whoever that can be like them will careless about life matters.everything is created to be at it’s time,if we can’t change it,we live with it and try to create as part of us.caring about others feelings gives me joy and solving their worries makes me proud.
I hope i meet my kind some day.true heart matters.honest love is what every one seeks.i want that too…

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