Karl Moore, Richardmcmoore202@gmail.com

username: Karlmoore
name: Karl Moore
email: Richardmcmoore202@gmail.com
alternative name: Richard Moore
age: 49
location: Los Angeles, California, or Texas, United States
ethnicity: Middle Eastern
occupation: business man
marital status: divorced
tel: 949-440-1636

IP address:

Love honesty and transparency in all that i do, that exstend to my dream partner cuz i do believe it takes two to build and love each other its actually the two that makes it work and strong for theo believe admiration of others, i really want my woman to believe in the philosophy of the word honesty. am a man who is so open to all so accomodative, love puting smiles in people face, creating meanings where there are no one.above all i have promise am gonna treat my woman as a woman that she is, am gonna respect her for who she is love only but she.
i would beseech cupid the goddess of love to give me the strenght and all that i need to build the deserve empire for both of us, where our love will know no bound. i pray my dream woman come my way.
my perfect woman is the woman who believe in what i do, in my beliefs and i inturn respect her views in life for our love to stand the test of time. i so deserve a woman who is so supportive of her man to see him clim to the apex of life achievements, a woman who is so friendly with all, so accomodative, a mother at home, a woman who do know how to take care of her home a woman that i will love with all my life.
my best woman is the one am gonna love ,respect honour and i will be happy i have found some one that will complete my life as a man. i pray you come my way my love

i must say you look cool to me tho, we could talk more in a later time if you will obliged me the pleasure. i will appreciate it more we talk more on hangouts or more liable on facebook dear Karl Richard Moore okay. i barely come here on this site. pls add me up Richardmcmoore202@gmail.com.or better still on here on my cell phone 9494401636.

IP is a proxy
IP doesn’t correspond location
Registered on different sites with different details
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