Banty Phage,

username: bantyphage
name: Banty Phage
age: 32
location: Brussels, Belgium, or Sherwood Park, Canada
ethnicity: white
occupation: chef
marital status: single

IP address:

I am passionate about everything in my life: there is no half-way with me. Once I decide to get involved with someone or something, I jump in with both feet and get fully engaged. Family and friends follow closely behind and then there’s the things I do for fun: snow skiing, mountain biking, racing, and great food. I’m looking for someone smart, fun-loving but focused on the important things in his life. I also enjoy a quiet evening with a good meal and a bottle of wine, dining out with friends, working out, watching movies and watching sports. I’m looking for someone that shares my passion for conversation and time together, whether a quiet evening at home, dinner with friends or attending a football game. I believe chivalry still has a place in our society and saying that doesn’t make me a sexist, that the sexiest thing about a woman is his brain; and, of course, a nice smile is important too!

I’m cool, calm and collected. I’m serious in my search. I’m searching for someone who is honest, caring and trust worthy. Someone who has a view on long term, committed and meaningful relationship I don’t bite. If you like what you read. Drop a note

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