James Jam, james_jam@post.com

username: jamesjam
name: James Jam
email: james_jam@post.com
age: 60
location: Oklahoma, United States
ethnicity: single
occupation: Contractor
marital status: widowed

IP address:

I have been told that I am an extremely passionate person that has a magnetic personality. I am more of a leader than a follower and typically march to the beat of a different drummer.

I am tired of women asking me for sex, I want everyone to know that I will never give a woman I don’t love my body because my body for the one I love alone. I am fun and loving man, I enjoy the simple things of life, I love to hike, swim, cook and play golf when I am less busy. My Job for the government is a very busy one. I have had my own share of heart break in life but it had only made me a better man and make me know that my one true love is out there waiting for me. I am not a perfect man so I am not seeking a perfect woman, i believe everyone has his or her own weak points but one can only hope to be the best. Life is short, at this age i seek nothing more than happiness and if you agree why don’t we talk and see what the future holds.

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