Gregory Roberts,

username: Senior44lover1
name: Gregory Roberts
age: 64
location: Dallas, Texas, United States
ethnicity: white
occupation: Construction Engineering
marital status: widowed
tel: 314-467-8225

IP address:

I am a baptist Christian. My dear, for my personal traits, I am Serious, Kind, Confident, Smart, Responsible, Honest, Calm, Flexible, Elegant, Communicative, Sensitive, Gentle, Cheerful, Optimistic and Romantic and a man that so much Believe in God and God fearing man…
I’m an easy-going, optimistic, Am is comfortable with who I am, possessed of a sharp wit and a wry sense of humor. I can be outspoken on some subjects but can appreciate other’s opinions. I’m firmly in touch with my creative and artistic self and have forged careers in creative fields. I’m as handy around the house as I am in the kitchen and have completed some ambitious remodeling projects as well as successful parties and dinners (which some people still talk about). I enjoy the outdoors, jogging, I like dining out (especially candle light dinners) and sunsets on the beach. I love a good talk, a long walk and a star filled tropical night. I like to travel, I am honest, intelligent , easy going and with a good sense of humor. I??m here to meet just one great woman who wants just one great man..
I’m seeking a woman (open, kind, serious, confident, cheerful, responsible) who is ready for marriage. I was raised with a strike Christian background and taught from a young age to always respect myself and other people.I still maintains this value wherever I goes.The inner beauty is more important for me than the beauty of appearance.

I’m born again Christian who believe in God with all life..Am Gregory Roberts by the name and i’m from(Dallas,TX 75211) ….Am interested in you and i really want to get to know you better maybe we can work things out and here is little introduction about myself I am open mind man….And have a daughter daughter called Helen…I lost her mother 4yrs ago….i am good, honest, cherishing, Caring and Loving,Passionate and Affectionate,Honest and Reliable,Trustworthy and a Good man,i have a great sense of humor and which i believe is the most things in this life and it is so necessary in life..I will want you to email me at g/4/4/r/o/b/e/r/t/s/@/g/m/a/i/l/./c/o/m or you can drop me a text on three * one * four * four * six * seven * eight * two * two * five * we can get to know each other better and about the distance i believe we can work it out because am willing to relocate…Add me to your Yahoo Messenger or let me have your email address so that we can chat better online ok…Hoping to read from you soonest.. if you really want to reply me back.. Do email me to my email address which is g/4/4/r/o/b/e/r/t/s/@/g/m/a/i/l/./c/o/m try and e-mail me back i will be looking forward to read back from you soonest…

IP is a proxy
IP doesn’t correspond location
Profile description is widely used in scams
Nigerian wording

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