James Scott, amesscottmyyrofbls0@gmail.com

username: jcott09
name: James Scott
email: jamesscottmyyrofbls0@gmail.com
age: 61
location: Grover Beach, California, United States, or London, United Kingdom
ethnicity: white
occupation: civil engineering
marital status: widowed

IP address:

I am a decent, kind, faithful, truthful, loving man who seeks a loving relationship. I have many hobbies and I’m always a gentleman and always a gentle man. I am an avid reader, love to play golf and spend time on many diverse interests. I seek a woman who wants a loving relationship. I am educated and bright and believe with all my heart that chemistry is important. I believe in the “Pay it forward” lifestyle. I think everyone should give something back to their communities; even if it’s putting change into a bell ringer’s kettle. I’m naturally inquisitive and try to learn something new every day.

message: –

IP is a proxy
IP doesn’t correspond location
Pictures are stolen from a known source, from Polish-American man Mike B.
Profile description is widely used in scams
Registered on different sites with different details

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