Mavis Frimponmaa,

14141597_1746774405572566_4613989117521907081_nusername: mavis1355
name: Mavis Frimponmaa
alternative name: Becky Macdennis
age: 31
location: Tema, Ghana
ethnicity: black
occupation: boutique management
marital status: widowed

IP address:

i am mavis frimponmaa by name.
i am a simple person who loves life and chilling
i am a widow who had been single for the past two years ever since my husband drowned at the beach.
i wish to find a loving and caring person who will love me just the way i am.
as a matter of fact, i have a 5year old son who i am taking care of.

i guess you are looking some some real love just like i am.
my name is mavis from ghana. i just joined on here looking for the best of love i could ever find.
i am widow who is been looking for a true love for the past two years.
i am a good looking and loyal woman who loves life and travel. as a matter of fact, i do have a son and i want someboby who would take care of him just like his own. i wish to hear from you

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Pictures are stolen from a known source
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