James Thompson, jamesdtom8@gmail.com

14237607_104112963382894_1415770980330396443_nusername: jame2001
name: James Thompson
email: jamesdtom8@gmail.com
age: 51 or 56
location: Los Angeles, California, or Homestead, Florida, United States
ethnicity: mixed
occupation: consultant Geo/ mining
marital status: widowed

IP address:

My typical day is very demanding. In most cases, my day does not end when most professionals clock out for work. Furthermore, in some circumstances, I may sacrifice my sleep and weekends when there are loads of tasks that need to be done. I’m already prepared for the hectic professional lifestyle. However, over time the work can take its toll without proper breaks or care. Below goes in depth about the various tasks that management face on a regular basis. I’m very cautious about not missing the simplest things in life, which are the basis of wellness.
Whenever I can enjoy a break, I use to take a trip in the nature, to reconnect and learn how to live in harmony with it. Silence is a medium of communication there.I can jump on a bicycle, rather than go to the gym, when I feel like sweating. Ironically, I’m also delighted in group dinner and constructive conversations

Hello, dear
I have gone through your profile, I’m interested in knowing more about you. I hardly come on this site due to my busy schedules, so I would appreciate it if you reply me at Email: jamesdtom8@gmail.com. looking forward to hear u

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