Cairo Hester,

40323_nusername: cairoo
name: Cairo Hester
age: 31
location: Oregon, United States
ethnicity: white
occupation: palamilitry
marital status: single

IP address:

I am a very jovial, fun-loving and sociable person who just loves life and on the other hand i know what i am about. I adore children a lot and value family time a great deal, either by going out or spending quality time at home. I like to set goals and work towards them. I am very determined and never like to fail but always keep an open mind. I am a loving person and takes romance and relationship very serious. I am an ardent listener and do not like to be ignored and strongly believes good communication is the key to a successful relationship. I love to give attention and pamper and likes to be given the same compliments. I don’t like crowding in a relationship, so i like to give space and expect to be given likewise so trust should be an integral part of any relationship i am in. I like reading a lot. I will enjoy a good movie or some interesting documentaries. I like to have regular family fun day also with my partner, usually this gives extra time for bonding especially if both parents work full time.

Hello My Miss Name is Cairo, i will like us to get acquainted to each other, kindly write me back on my personal email id for further introduction. Regards

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