Teresita Pernia Reyes, rteresita9941@yahoo.com

249_331_busername: nuby55
name: Teresita Pernia Reyes
email: rteresita9941@yahoo.com
alternative email: joytreya@yahoo.com
age: 42 or 45
location: Cebu city, Philippines
ethnicity: asian
occupation: retired
marital status: widowed

IP address:

I am a sunny person, I like to laugh but I take life seriously I am shy and I like to pamper and be pampered where I want to start a new life I expect to find a serious relationship with a man who still believes in love.

REPLY TO ; rteresita9941@yahoo.com
Pardon me for Contacting You Through this media.
I have a business proposal to discuss with you i know we have not mate before but i have no other means to reach on you .please tell me if I can trust you I am willing to give you twenty five percent if you are interest in handling this transaction ? NO risks on you i have all prove .
my full name is Mrs. Teresita Pernia Reyes the wife of late Dr Angelo Tomas Reyes A former Philippine military chief and cabinet minister who was shot by gunmen and later he died in a gunshot wound on February 8, 2011 . my late husband had in recent weeks made headlines after a former military budget officer accused him of siphoning off enormous amounts of money from state coffers .
the philippines government have been treating my family and recently they sentence my first son Angelo Reyes JR 15 YEARS NOW so i ‘m no longer self . my late husband deposited ( Ten million two Hundred thousand united states dollars ) in the security company .he deposit this money in a security and finance company abroad through diplomatic secret arrangement as a family valuable just in case anything ever happen to him. this means that the security company does not know the real content of the metallic box since the death of my late husband, the philippine state government has blocked all my entire family account Also my late husband brothers succeeded in collecting all our properties from me that is under our control and they are still looking for more.
Therefore I am contacting you to help me secure this found since the philippines government had made it impossible for me to move out , please tell me if I can trust you , when you claim it. I am willing to give you 25% of the total sum of money then i will come over to meet you in your country for you to help me invest the money in a good business that will benefit both families , as soon as i receive your message indicating your interest in handling this transaction i will give you more details write me direct on my private mail ; rteresita9941@yahoo.com
Best Wishes .
Mrs Teresita P Reyes

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