Daniel Dorsey, ddorseyseg@yahoo.com

12345510_1535833686738732_538329155783295818_nusername: Dorsey
name: Daniel Dorsey
email: ddorseyseg@yahoo.com
alternative email: ddoseyseg@gmail.com
age: 55
location: Indiana, United States
ethnicity: white
occupation: US Army
marital status: widowed

IP address: or

I am a nice man, a humble man, a caring man, and I am harmless the only one who knows how to relate with my own lover… Hahahaha I wanna treat you well…

Hello! Baby, I am Dorsey D. a Se-gent in US army currently on deployment in Western Africa for Peace making over there. To be frank with you as I was searching for a friend, here that was how I came across your profile, and I decided to stop by and tell you what I feel about your profile. First of all I apologies for telling someone that I don’t even know for a first time but after viewing your profile, Permit me to say I like you and am ought to have you as my only lover. baby Age doesn’t matter just that what I need is someone that will love me back so that we can share everything together, Emotions, Romance and Feeling…
If not that I am using a friend system now I would have keep on Texting you until I resume work within some few Hours… you can get in touch with me if you love me and ready to be my soul-mate here is my email; ddoseyseg@gmail.com

message after being called a scammer:
Am sorry but take note of what you are saying ok
i am not here to receive insult from any bloody person ok ..
don’t ever think that am fake ok cause you never know me and i can never ask you to send me money for what? Am Real point of correction?

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IP is a proxy
IP doesn’t correspond location
A man on the pictures is “Becker”, not “Dorsey”
Pictures are widely used in scams
Registered on different sites with different pictures
Military in West Africa on a dating site
Mass-mails heavily
Nigerian wording

Also see here:

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