Thelma Konadu,

imagesusername: prettydoll79
name: Thelma Konadu
age: 34
location: Los Angeles, or Oxnard, California, or Temple, Arizona, United States
ethnicity: mixed
occupation: Hairstylist
marital status: single

IP address:

As they say, everything should be beautiful in a beautiful lady. It seems to me, the real beauty consists of harmonic connection of soul richness, moral clearance and only after these ones of the physical appealing to the partner. In other words, appearance is only our outside dress. The real and natural beauty is inside of our soul – somewhere deep in the soul and it reflects in the eyes. I will not describe myself cause it seems to me that the really interesting lady will be noticed by the deeds and modesty and slight enigma, won’t she? But in a few words I can tell you that I am a person with a strong will, serious, reasonable, and reliable but at the same time I am kind-hearted, attentive and friendly.
I would like to meet a serious, clever and intelligent man. A strong man with a strong will with whom I will be able to feel myself weak and at the same time the most beloved, the most desirable, and the happiest lady. I want to find a reliable man who will be like a strong column for me and who will share all the joys and sorrows. I want him to be active enough, because I am active as well and I want my man share with me some of my hobbies. I want to create with him our small world full of trust, mutual understanding and of course love. I am ready to tie my life exactly with such man and to give all my love and me to such a man.

message: –

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