Jeffery Graham,

1-4732033username: grahamjeffery936
name: Jeffery Graham
alternative email:
age: 45
location: Los Angeles, California, United States
ethnicity: native american
occupation: civil engineer
marital status: widowed
tel: 657-206-0039

IP address:

Hi…Name is Jeff, from California ,. I would describe myself as friendly and goal oriented.I enjoy having a conversation with someone and talking about different thing’s that are going on day to day. I like people who are true to themselves and real with me. I am 5’10 tall ., single, a non-smoker,

Good evening dear how are you doing today i know you gonna see this massage any time you are here that is why i desire to write some lovely about myself of you my name is Jeffery Graham ,Jeffery is my first name while Graham is my parent name’s ,i was not born here in the sate but was later raced here in the united state of American ,am located here in garden grove California USA ,have been leaving here on four years now with know girl friend at all ,i drink socially with friend usually smoke when ever the weather is getting hot ,i would really love to know more about you if you don’t mind ?you can add on yahoo messenger grahamjeffery936 or you can add me on face book jefferygraham i did use this same picture on face book ,or write me though my private g mail account it ,can’t wait to start something with you beautiful,your text me with this mobile number 6572060039 ,i do hope to hear from you soon bye for now take care

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