Erena George,

38565_nusername: nice123
name: Erena George
alternative email:
age: 18
location: Bamako, Mali
ethnicity: black
occupation: student
marital status: single

IP address:

Hi every one, I am 19 year girl lovely and friendly I’m open to leaning about new friends and countries. I love traveling and staying around nice friends I love and respect every belief and religion. I just want to love and be loved and be happy in my life that is all I need just be happy again in my life, I hope I will find some one that will make me be happy again.

My name is Miss.Erena George, I am 19 year old girl, I love and respect every belief or religion. Please can you help me transfer my inheritance to your country for investment? I know that this may not be the best way of such communication, since I am very desperate to have this heritage transfers out immediately because of my wicked relative who are after my dear life just because of my inheritance.The amount deposited by my late father is Nine hundred and eighty five thousand euro I am willing to offer you 10% of the money when I come over to your country after the transfer of the money to your country as a show of appreciation for your assistance.
Please I need your assistance to have this money transfer out to your country immediately for a profitable investment you will be managing until I finish my education in your country. If ready to assist me from this scenario,please reply me so that I can tell you more details of my intention and give explanation. here is my email please reply me to
Wating to read from you as soon as possible,
Miss.Erena George

IP is Ivory Coast
IP doesn’t correspond location
419 scam

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