Anthony Johnson,

38841_nusername: anthonyjohnson48
name: Anthony Johnson
age: 48
location: California, United States
ethnicity: white
occupation: soldier
marital status: widowed

IP address:

Am honest and need an honest woman to love me. I hate lies.

Ok Am Anthony johnson,am 42 years tho people say i look 32,am an army lieutenant,am divorced wit a four years old daughter ,am honest,romantic and sociable,am a caucian and have gone on several military tours in different countries of d world,if u are ready i can give love anoda try wit u.add me on facebook
My email is,dont mind me i used my ex wife name to open my email,when we were madly in love then,but we are divorced now,i have a four year old daughter from the marriage,am ready to move on now after two years of no relationship because of the hurt i experienced from the break up,she abandoned me when i was on military service,and married our family accountant,so you see why i was hurt and felt betrayed.

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IP is Nigeria
IP doesn’t correspond location
Some pictures are stolen from a known source
Registered on different sites with different pictures
Contradiction in age
Also poses as a woman named Princess Jernifer Omon
Nigerian wording

Also see here:

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