Irina Belova,

p_315fc839acusername: fortuna26
name: Irina Belova
alternative names: Anastasia, Alla, Valery Shevchenko
age: 29 or 25
location: Nikolaev, or Kiev, Ukraine
ethnicity: white
occupation: choreographer
marital status: single

IP address:

I recently realized that in my years , I’m alone, I’m a single woman who is not the first year looking for love . I decided to change my life , as they say it start with a clean slate , so I chose this site , I hope that here I find my love. I can tell a lot about myself, about my life , when I read that you need to write here is not a lot about myself, I’m not much taken aback , because I am an ordinary woman who has nothing special.
I itself is a creative person, I love to chat , I like to give a smile to their loved ones , most of all I dream to create a family , a family that I can be proud of. For me it is very important to have the next person who would support me , gave me advice , and most importantly love me this way I am . After all, I was one such on the ground, I have my own interests and desires , but I am hopeful that I can find someone with whom my wishes and interests coincide. I hope I did the right thing , that came here to this site.

message: –

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IP is Nikolaev
Profile description is widely used in scams
Registered on different sites with different details, names and pictures

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