Richard Robert,

mk6ksrJdw2rVktAwVOtFhEqaouG9ZtAAMeD5-N2maPI=username: Richardrobert
name: Richard Robert
age: 42
location: Los Angeles, California, or Orange Park, Florida, United States
ethnicity: Native American
occupation: engineer
marital status: single

IP address:

my name is Richard robert am new here looking for a life partner,i am loving, caring , romantic. for age i do not care about age cos it is just a figure and cannot determine true love .I am also a one woman man with a lot of passion for my partner …I believe we can make good friends and maybe it can end up being sumthing we never expected,I don’t think distance will be a barrier ,as what matters is the feelings we will have for each other,thank you,

How are you doing today,My name is Richard Robert,I found ur page very interesting,You sound very amazing and i feel we both looking for the same thing on here. I am also looking for true love someone who will love me and spoil me,I really would like to know more about you to see what tomorrow hold. As for me i am willing to relocate if i could find the right man of my dream which could be you,My email address is why don’t you leave me a message and let’s get it start and see what tomorrow hold for us …I look forward to hearing from you soon… Richard Robert …


IP is a proxy
IP doesn’t correspond location
Some pictures don’t correspond his claimed age
Registered on different sites with different details an pictures
Nigerian wording

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