Mesh Petersen,

IMG1351username: mesh
name: Mesh Petersen
age: 58
location: Rochester, New York, United States
ethnicity: white
occupation: civil engineer
marital status: widowed

IP address:


I’m HONEST, educated, imaginative and hard-working. I’m big on almost anything that is legitimately fun, enjoyable, positive. I am also unconventional, independent, analytical and not very impressed with, nor attached to, all things money and status. To me, everyone is equal.
I feel the ‘solid realty’ our minds show us is just one aspect of our overall being, or existence (and it is not as solid as it appears). In addition, each of us has a strong, positive spiritual aspect, or ‘soul’ (mine’s my ‘inner core’). Our minds often overlook our spiritual aspect. However, my life experience has convinced me that it’s real, very much right here, right now, very positive, equal in everyone, and not in any way linked to any religion or deity. I (almost) always try to live my life ‘straight from my heart’, what feels right to me IS RIGHT for me! It is a heavenly way to live. I’m committed to putting this ‘…feels right IS RIGHT’ life philosophy out there for anyone who may be interested..
i am 6.0 in height, a widower. i have a 18years old daughter( Rose) …A couple of year after the death of my wife. I have a lucrative good job, a Civil/Mining Engineer (Personal Investor on Oil and Gas) my job takes me all around the world. Presently seeking a woman of my heart, my dream, well responsible that I can love, care for, plan and spend the rest of my life with. Irrespective of age, and distance is not a problem ,as long as you know what you want out of life

I have been looking through many partner recommendations lately and some of them even looked interesting, but yours was one of the few that looked special! Your personality, your interests – we might get along really well. If you feel the same way, just write back, I think the two of us should give it a try… here is my mail address you can send me a mail, .. Remember that distance or age or color does not matter but discovering ourselves as good friends matters a lot in life contact me through my email address so that i can able to tell you more about my self okay,. waiting patiently to read from you…..

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