Allan Johnson,

avatar_18043_1443214437username: allanjohnson
name: Allan Johnson
age: 45
location: Delaware, United States
ethncity: mixed
occupation: engineer
marital status: widowed
scammer’s real name: Kameron Jibril Thomaz

IP address:

If I could only write the perfect profile, but then again.. I am far from perfect. I have tried dating sites for two years now. I have been unsuccessful. I would have to say that over 95% of the women I have contacted have nit responded. Which really raises the question as to what women really want? But if any man really knew that, the redundancy of these sights would be clear.

message: –

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IP is Ghana
IP doesn’t correspond location
Email leads to his real mug on Facebook, Kameron Jibril Thomaz from Ghana
Occupation on his real Facebook profile: West African money scams
Caption under the picture at WU with money: “be real we neva go fi stop”

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