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name: Robert Mingle
age: 46
location: Big Spring, Texas, United States, or Queensland, Australia
ethncity: white
occupation: Business Facilitator
marital status: widowed

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In life things are bound to happen.Those that have a desirable relationship that makes us feel so jealous had made the relationship work.i might not be real to myself about these write up but i am sure it will go deep down peoples heart and they could re shape the world deep within their thinking faculty that it is so ,while some takes it not to be so.I will not stop writing cause i know we are facing a lot around the world making a home what it should be like and we got those that had made it worth while with the way they have made it work.Relationship should not be something that should bother us so much if our mind is not set to go into,What i desire for coming into a relationship differs from what the opposite person had in mind before coming with a pervert intention that is not truthful from the onset.If you wish to have happiness in a relationship,the opposite person might be having a different vision or thought about what he or she want to make that relationship work like your own sincere thought and understanding of why you went into such a Union.What should be our goal in life should not be about not wanting to accept one another due to racial reasons based,but our genuine belief that we are made with same organ and our feelings should definitely be alike even though our temperaments seems to be different, and that could in turn be a reason why some people do not understand what seem to be the problem of why the relationship is becoming a Den of Lions that preys on same lineage.When i know the temperaments you possess and i am willing to accept you based on the fact that not everything about you could be change then we are making a head way to make the relationship work.In a situation if i am not willing to consider what the opposite temperament is like then we will definitely argue today and forever and that will cause a break up to root us off one another.Sometimes we would need to have a closer look on who we are intending to go one with before rushing into a relationship.Many are out there that want a companion while other just want to be with someone that could put their lives at the speed side of life(Shadow Gazers.). We would need to be upright about what we seek before venturing into going into what we could not finish,which is why we loose either our unprepared emotions to wreck.When we do not prepare our emotions right, it will definitely face an untimely wreck,peradventure we are the unsettle kind of person that just want to have fun or to be too serious in getting into a relationship that fast, without considering what are the dos and Don,t that relationship needs before it gets to accepting and perfecting one another into the real world of relationship. we just plan on a date table that would not go well if we could not give it time to grow.Many a times we live and accommodate who was never our other half cause we just had to be in the relationship out of pity.It Takes Two to Tango,accepting my views,i accept your views ,is what should be our takes strong agreement before Babel tower could be work on….There are factors that we need to look into before we get one another derailed.Learning from our past would help share our both experiences when we just meet with each other,We would have to be diplomatic with the way we allow Anxiety to lead us into the pit we haven’t had a clue about.

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Much for me to say but few i could simply express on here about what i seek after in a relationship. I am seeking to meet with someone that may have gone through a lot and would want to put that behind her and focus on what the future is promising only if such person would remain out there in the world. I would like to meet with a partner that would look at relationship behind a normal routine stuffs and never compare it to a union of forever. I need to meet with someone that would have the mind of God and would have seen life beyond not thinking about letting the past be past and making the present a set goal to a better goal ahead. I would love to meet with someone honest and sincere with an attitude of wanting to have good deeds in life alongside my precepts and would complete me about what so ever i possess. I am not on here to play around or seek for jokes when i know what my whole heart truly want. I seek out for something real , which would have a forever factor.

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