avatar_14574_1438186428username: devidoo4T
name: Devid
age: 55
location: Peever, South Dakota, or Morton Grove, Illinois, United States
ethncity: white
occupation: management
marital status: widowed

IP address:

I’m ready to start a new life. My two grown kids have always been my treasure, that will never change. I love all kinds of dishes, especially Vegetables, but need a nice and good looking woman, I like to think I have a good sense of humor. I’ve never been too judgmental never to conclude in one look. As you can probably tell with time, I’m not very comfortable with this type of communication, but i need to give it a try that why i have brought my time for it.
A person that won’t take any offense from anyone easily. a woman that appreciate and Natures gifts and relationship, somewhat a home body, however would enjoy sight-seeing. God loving and God fearing person even if you are not a church goer. a woman i will hold hands, even in the public, we can visit Beaches and Family.

alternative description:
I’m a good man who has been patient for a long time trying to find someone to spend the rest of his life with, I’m a fun loving man with a great sense of humor, I like camping, sometimes visit cookouts and blues music and old time rock and roll . I Like shopping and traveling, dinning out . Walks by the lake or on a bright moonlit night, and like Good coffee conversation. I’m Looking for a good woman to start a new life with, an honest woman, I hope to locate women who have a great understanding of life cause it’s been to much for most to understand, For the most part


IP is a proxy
IP doesn’t correspond location
Registered on different sites with different details
Nigerian wording

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