Shane Scott,

ausername: Smilingshane60
name: Shane Scott
age: 55
location: Lake Forest, California, United States
ethncity: white
occupation: –
marital status: Signle
tel: 714-576-6232

IP address:

I am easy-going and enjoy doing just about anything. I love the outdoors as well as sitting inside with a good movie or book. I am adventurous as well as spontaneous. I am very supportive of her interests and hobbies as it makes me happy to see someone I care about smile. I respect the bond between a parent and child, as I am a parent myself. I have a big heart and I am a great friend to all who let me. When I am involved with a woman, I don’t have eyes for anyone else, she is the most beautiful woman in the world to me, despite any flaws. I am curious and open-minded. It’s easy for me to meet and make new friends. I am honest and trustworthy, a great communicator, I am a caring, sensitive, generous person (this is both good and bad), and intelligent, one who is constantly concerned about the happiness of those in my life…and I am very loyal to the people in my life. They always know that I’m there for them if they ever need my help. Life has treated me well, but it would be even better if I had someone in my life to share the adventure with me! I hope to find someone who knows what she wants and isn’t scared to go after her dreams

Hello Lovely eyes,am Shane from lake forest California i was browsing profile here and your picture caught my attention and your Picture was so attracting and beautiful, in fact your natural pretty eyes left me Speechless and Short of Words,i would love to to get to know I am not a full subscriber please feel free to text me, I would love to talk more.using the Digits listed follow the numbers as i label with words of wisdom and send me a text if you think you’ve figured it out. 7. Honesty 1. Love 4. Happiness 5. Trust 7. Commitment 6. Communication 6. Believe 2. Romance 3. Cuddling 2. Constant messaging. Only the smart once get the best once, thanks for reading my profile, stay blessed…Shane. is my email, hope to read from you…

e shane1

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