Mccown Poulsen,

mccown01username: mccown
name: Mccown Poulsen
age: 71
location: Kings, Illinois, United States
ethncity: white
occupation: –
marital status: single

IP address: –

I’m a straight and easy going person with a kind and gentle heart full of love..I love to travel and would love a partner to travel with me. I have been a workaholic in that past but last year I had a change of attitude and decided to live life now. I might live to be a 100 years old or my time could end tomorrow. Rather than wait and miss life I want to take advantage while I have the opportunity in front of me,i need someone special to spend forever wit

I can dwell as you search for my soul I will take you there where bodies grow old but the love in our heart will always burn and when the master beckons I will look in your eyes to wipe away a tear with a final kiss as we begin our journey to eternity and I would love to travel with my sweetheart I hope you would enjoy traveling and seeing the world some because I sure don’t want to go to all these wonderful parts of the world alone.i hope you could get back to me and we can get to know eachother and spend wonderful remaining life together as husband and wife…hope to hear from you soonest or you could also write me in the email…
have an awesome day.Mccown


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