146504_nusername: soulmate8531
name: Shola X
age: 29 or 31
location: Los Angeles, United States or Reykjavik, Island
ethncity: Hispanic
occupation: Hair dresser
marital status: single

IP address:

I’m a good listener, a friend when you need a shoulder to lean on. I’m very lay back honest and will tell you things like it is. I’m very selective who i let in my personal life or to those who surround me. I’m wise at my choices and smart at my actions. I dislike people who are fake, liars and those who always pretend, as if they never did nothing. I always say, be honest it will bring you great results in life. Also why take advantage of others kindness? when you should treasure them with value. I’m not here to be judge in that case i know myself better than anyone else so why act like you know everything about me, I will only tell you things i want you to know. I stay away from the drama and those who bring it. Don’t try to bring out my bad side you will regret trying. I respect you as long as you can respect me as well.

message: –


IP is of African Opera
IP doesn’t correspond location
On different sites with different location and age
Nigerian wording

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