Mike Daves, mikedaves441@yahoo.com

022c88cusername: mikedaves441
name: Mike Daves
email: mikedaves441@yahoo.com
age: 53
location: Phoenix, Arizona, United States
ethncity: white
occupation: –
marital status: widowed

IP address: –

I love to go to church, singing, dancing, bowling, watching movies (romantic and scary), listening to music, reading, cooking, spending time with my woman.. I love buying a variety of perfume’s I must smell good at all times…….I want someone who can look deep into my eyes and see pass the pain that I have endured through out my life time and i will also do the same thing for you. I DO NOT want a woman who is controlling, jealous, insecure in our relationship. I do not need a Mother figure. I want someone who trust me with all her heart and soul and someone I can trust back with all my heart and soul. Someone who believes in honesty and doing the right thing..

Hi Cupcake,.. *Smiles*.. Im sorry to infringe on your privacy but i was attracted by your beautiful face,, and i thought i should leave a note about that.. But before i proceed i would like to read from you… if i may ask,are you seeing someone already or you still single???

Pictures are stolen from a known source
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