Mark Andrew,

california_singles_3821402username: RyanDad8
name: Mark Andrew
alternative email:
age: 48 or 53
location: Fremont, California, or Fort Worth, Texas, United States
ethncity: white
occupation: Mail Delivery or Antiquing
marital status: divorced

IP address:

I’m a single dad of a well mannered 4yr old boy, We like to do fun stuff outdoors and other random things, go-karts, museums, ball games. I enjoy hiking, bike riding, fishing and other outdoor stuff. I like coffee early in the morning, smell of Bacon, sleeping with the tv on, overnight movie marathon, the smell of the airport during vacation, road trips, new gadget electronics and old furniture, new socks and hot showers, fast cars and driving slow. I believe in endless chivalry, manners, and mutual respect… and I hate stupid rules, stupid answers, and rude people. Just msg me if u want to know more.
I would love to meet someone that would enjoy eating my cooking/cooking with me, or going out to fun places, exploring flea markets and other out of the way places, floating/camping and not be worried about getting a little dirty & sweaty.
You can’t be allergic to pets or teenagers (I know there are some people that are).
I take life as it comes because I figure it is to be enjoyed. If you are flexible and fun and cuddly, than e-mail me.
What I am looking for in a new relationship is commitment, honesty, communication, appreciation, respect; which all are important.I’m looking for someone who knows that true love means working together through the good times and the bad. Trust, respect and honest open communication is important to me

What a beautiful woman you are! With honest eyes! Luv your profile sounds like you know what you want. I like that. My name is Mark and I love to live life to the fullest, if your interested in talking let me know. I hope your had a great day.
it’s alright we can talk off the page and here is my personal email and what’s yours?

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IP is of African Blackberry
IP doesn’t correspond location
Uses different location, age and occupation
Profile description is stolen from a known source
Nigerian wording

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