James Terry, jterry961@yahoo.com

username: jterry961
name: James Terry
email: jterry961@yahoo.com
age: 56
location: Dover, Delaware, United States
ethncity: –
occupation: military
marital status: –

IP address: –

Am a decent and straight type of person and am looking for a serious relationship… A good companion that am gonna spend the rest of my life with.. I just hope she’s here, and I pray God brings us together no matter the cost am gonna keep searching until she’s revealed to me, either in my dream or physical.

Hi I am General James terry, am presently working with UN peacekeeping mission team in Afghanistan. Sometimes when i found myself less busy,i do like to talk to someone but, every one here is busy, am here to find a nice friend,Hope you don’t mind?thank you for reading and mind you i am harmless forget about the uniform …you can invite me on messenger jterry961@yahoo.com ..thanks once more,,till will talk again stay out of trouble okay

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