Hemry Tommy, henry.tommy131@yahoo.com

w9username: meyerjackson
name: Hemry Tommy
email: henry.tommy131@yahoo.com
age: 48
location: Texas dallas, United States
ethncity: white
occupation: military
marital status: divorce
alternative name: Meyer Jackson

IP address: –

description: Am meyerjackson by name am from united states in tx dallas I have one kid his name dustin am a military man deployed to afghanistan I like playing with my friend when we have break I lost both my parent in a motor accident 2yrs ago I have only one sister she is living in florida with my kid

My name is henry tommy by name…i was born and raise in dallas tx usa…i am 46 years old…i am a usa army currently on deployment in afghanistan on a mission….l call myself man of great potentials who knows the value of life and appreciates what life brings,am very caring,honest and down to heart man who believe so much in love,caring and funs——-? , a soldier in the US army,presently on deployment to AFGHANISTAN, on a peace keeping mission,coming home safe soon, i have the dream of a special person in my life. Love isn’t material.. It’s the feeling in a room, a situation, and a person. . Sex doesn’t guarantee it…i am here looking for honest,loving,caring,trustworthy,faithful and God hearted woman that we spend the whole rest of her life with me mike: when am back home from deployment. I am here looking for a long time relationship..I am not here to play headgame..if u know u are here for headgames never mind to reply to this msg or add me to your yahoo..i dont want you to mind about the age different or distance between us..all what i want you to know is that age is just a number and distance doesn’t seperate two heart that loves eachother..if you want to know more about me..here is my yahoo id…..henry.tommy131@yahoo.com…cant wait to read back from you real soon..thanks


Mixes pictures of 2 different men
Mixes names
Pictures are widely used in scams
Nigerian wording

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