Mark Benson,

markusername: mark897
name: Mark Benson
age: 50
location: Ashburn, Virginia, United States
ethncity: Native American
occupation: –
marital status: single

IP address: –

am straight,fun loving,understanding,caring,open minded,loving and
down to earth.i am a listener and always ready to dialogue rather than
argue or get in a single like s the,beach,taking walks,boat cruise,swimming,tennis,camping and a happy person and enjoy seeing other people around me happy

Hi,My name is Mark passing through and thought i should drop by.,Hope I’m not intruding in anyway?…If i am,I’m very sorry it was not my intention and please don’t press charges…lol.Well I just wanted to get a chance to be friend with a woman with great sense of humor and wonderful personality…judging by your profile i think you posses some of that. Hope to hear from you soon
okay good this is my email and i need you to send me your phone number i will send you text masseges everyday hope to read from you soonsest

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