Thomas Moore,

large32username: sincerel yes
name: Thomas Moore
age: 51
location: Kansas City, Missouri, United States
ethncity: white
occupation: –
marital status: widowed
tel: 828-333-7671 or 781-667-3571

IP address: –

Hi, and nice of you to stop by!!I should start by saying that I am a very unique individual. Chances are, and I have been told, that you’ll probably never meet any one like me….That said, I am a vivacious, outgoing and friendly person. I enjoy being around people,talking and listening to what they have to say. Everyone has a story to tell….I am very independent, have been called FEISTY among other choice words….Not afraid to speak my mind or stand up for what I believe in…. I enjoy spirited discussions about most topics that people are afraid to talk about, religion, politics,sex, men, women….. I can be stubborn in my views, but if you give me a rational, intelligent explanation, I am willing to yield, or at least agree to disagree…No time for stupidity or BS. No head games, no heart games, what you see is what you get….I am a very sensual/sexual man who enjoys being boyish with a tough side at the same time….. I am very comfortable in my own skin I’m equally as comfortable in jean and sneakers as I am in blazers.Enjoy being outdoors, riding motorcycles (love Harleys!) as a passenger,walking, hiking,camping…love adventures!I am a single father of one gorgeous, intelligent and wonderful boyI am looking for a woman who can be a best friend, lover, companion in all my crazy adventures,,, A strong woman with a gentle touch. A woman who does not take herself too seriously and can see the funny side of life! Not looking for Princess Charming i am looking for that woman who want to put an end to loneliness who is ready for a forever am looking for that woman who want to be fulfilled maritally.Still with me? If you liked what you read, send me a line!I am outgoing, funny, and caring

Hello, am Thomas am new on here and i browsed through your profile, and felt i should drop you a line . I will really love to connect with you, and get to know more about you. I will tell you about myself when i read from you. You look beautiful and young for your age,am looking forward to read from you. God bless you.
Hi thanks for the mail, i really appreciate it i was looking forward to it though. I am new on here as you can see after waiting several years i have decided to put an end to loneliness.I have been a widow for more than 13 years now, it is not as if i don’t want to settle down again but all the ladies that cross my path are only ready for a one night stand and am not settling for that. I have a son who is 11 years old, he is my best friend his mother left him when he was 6 months old, i have been responsible for his upbringing since then but to the glory of God he his growing into what the lord and i desire. I am not on here for games of drama, i am too old for that i have not had any relationship since my son’s mother left, i just took the decision to have a new beginning because they are great so am ready for one. I am a software professional and i also love my job.Please tell me more about yourself, i think i am becoming boring with my introductions lolls. I will appreciate if you can send your reply to my email or if you have a yahoo messenger. Just add me to your chat list as mooretom1961 there we can chat and get to know lot more about each other. Thanks for the mail once again will be look forward to read from you.You can also text or call me on 8283337671 or 7816673571

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