Lo Hung, lo.hung66@yahoo.com

cdvcvusername: lo.hung
name: Lo Hung
email: lo.hung66@yahoo.com
age: 42
location: Salt Lake City, Utah, United States
ethncity: Asian
occupation: military
marital status: single
Alternative email: lo.hung12345@gmail.com

IP address: –

Nature has sent me a message to start a family, and I am following the instinct. I have resolved to find a suitable decent woman for that purpose. I am mature and responsible. Loyal and honest to the core. Hold no baggage from the past. The past brings always brings me pleasant memories. I do not have unresolved issues and load at my prior experiences in life because I probably learned something from them. I believe that life is an endless learning experience that ends when we breath for the last time. I certainly do not know what is beyond that point

Reading through your profile and looking at your lovely picture,i love everything that creates you,from your hair to your forehead looking deep into your eyes to your nose and from your lips .If i ever figure out the magic that makes you so special here, I’d probably say that it’s a combination of all these things that i see i love everything that creates you.I am willing to start up a conversation with you.. Feel free to ask me any question. hope to hear from you soon
Call me Lo Hung
lo.hung66@yahoo.com or lo.hung12345@gmail.com..


Pictures are stolen form a known source
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