Watson Delle, watson.delle009@yahoo.com

Wat007565username: Wat4her
name: Watson Delle
email: watson.delle009@yahoo.com
age: 46
location: Mountain View, California, United states
ethncity: Pacific islander
occupation: Architect
marital status: widowed

IP address:,

I’m easy going & extremely Passionate about life, love & especially romance. I’m a Romantic at heart but don’t take it for granted. I can be very intense, bold, & Assertive so I am not weak at heart, however I can be sweet, patient & caring but as i said don’t take it for granted or you’ll see the other side. I’m very deep, knowledgeable & I do say what’s on my mind, i might sound like a know it all and conceited but I’m not i can be pretty humble based on what I’ve been through. I can be intense with exploring my emotions but I’m not going to fall in love with you overnight ( unless we connect spiritually like that) because i believe in getting to know someone through friendship.I’m just sick of games people play. I like a womanwho knows what she wants and is not about the games and drama. i sometimes feel like giving up because to me there are no longer any good men left, women today have forgotten what being a woman means and to let a man be a man,i have to thank god for keeping me strong enough to keep my fate and believing in unconditional love. I want to lay around talking about life, love, and spiritual happiness.I want to go on picnics.and long strolls in the park…I want to lay on the beach at night looking up at the stars wrapped in the arms of that special someone. I want to explore nature, love, & kindred spirits.I don’t want you to change who you are for me and I don’t want to change who I am for you.compromise is good but let’s just be who we are.you should get back to me if you found my profile interesting to you.I want you to strive to be the best you can be… & you should want me to simply do the same.and when we are in our purest form & honest about who we are if we are meant to be well.we will be.and I will be perfect for you & you for me! this is me in my purest truest sense… take it or leave it.I’ve had my past experiences with relationship and within myself and it opened my eyes to so much I needed to see, It was like a bright light of inspiration,a plunging reality into my heart & soul.bringing enlightenment to my spirit. It reminded me of the passion for life I’ve always had and loved…an intense passion I want to share with someone. So i don’t want someone to talk to me just because they think I’m cute or Handsome.

Hi Pretty, how are you doing today i hope every thing is going on fine with you. I am Watson by name I am new to this online dating personals, I crossed out your profile while checking out people on the web site and thought i should drop you a line to see if we can correspond. am really interested in you and ready to move on with you to any extend you want to go with me, i think you’ve all the qualities i want in a woman and am really serious to let you know that, when the chance is given i’ll never hurt you. I am seeking a very serious and long term relationship.With a one man woman. waiting to hear from you beautiful.
How are you doing Beautiful hope you are doing great? I am very glad to read your message.I think i should tell you more about myself, I work as an Architect and also into Business,importation and exportation of building materials. I am a widower i lost my ex wife some 6yrs back i give her all my love though we did not give bath because she always have miss carriage but this has never discourage me to leave her or let her down i am for one and when i am with one i stay.I am a wonderful, single man with a heart of gold, a man you would love to meet and even spend the whole rest of your life with as am also willing to meet that special woman God has sent to me,that i will be with from now till death do us part.I just need every thing i ever wanted in one woman only,am ready to spend both my day and night with that special woman.I’m my own man and I am comfortable with my own life.. I’m kind and respectful, well-spoken, and. I am extremely passionate and affectionate.I’m just an everyday, ordinary, average, normal man. Nothing special about me.I consider myself to be very simple. I believe that women needs to be treated with respect and as a equal partner in a relationship, but all I seem to find is the ones that does not know how to respond to that or is untrusting to it. I feel like u should treat somebody with respect and like they are a person not a piece of meat or whatever. I am the type of person who wants his woman to feel wanted not just as a trophy. I am a very affectionate person and I love to cuddle, I like to show my woman how I feel not just telling them. I love to be close to my woman whether it is in the bed on the couch or wherever. I guess my dreams would be is to be happy and have a lovely and happy home,family my goals in life I want to go into business for my self one day. I guess I want to work on my love life and be happy, but I guess when the time is right it will happen. I like to play sports just as much as I do watching them. Most of all i like to spend time with who I am with, and cuddle up and watch a movie. It is my opinion that we all want the same thing in regards to a partner, and that most of us either do not know how or is scared to and sabotage themselves from getting it. Ok, I like the outdoors, but I don’t care about hunting or fishing, well I will fish with an nu-baited hook if it means I will get to spend some time with someone I care about. There are a lot of things I like doing as in dancing, cooking, swimming,camping,playing dart etc. My ultimate goal and what I think would make me happy is to get back on my feet and have a woman by my side that I love and loves me. please kindly get back to me on watson.delle009@yahoo.com i hate the messages i am recieving from the young ladies here inviting me to their nude cam and wanting to give me nude pictures. Kindly get back to me soon, Please get back to me soon, i would love to know better. what you are looking for in a relationship? what are the qualities you seeks for in your man. I do hope to read from you soon.

letter to victim:
Hey Beautiful i am very sorry getting back to you late i am being busy with work, well i think you should know that i am very much interested and i promise to always read your message and get back to you asap, Babe I am a widower i lost my (ex) late wife some 6yrs back i am for one and when i am with one i stay.I am a wonderful, single man with a heart of gold, a man you would love to meet and even spend the whole rest of your life with as am also willing to meet that special woman God has sent to me,that i will be with from now till death do us part. am here to meet the special woman for me I like swimming,dancing are the things i like most,I am very much single now and i am missing the cuddling life, i would love to be build on the solid foundation which is love and trust,I do believe with this 2 ingredients of relationship,so many relationships has come to success unlike ones built on false and pretenses.,i hope you know Love is not about finding the right person, but creating a right relationship. It’s not about how much love you have in the beginning but how much love you build till the end,I’m talking about fate here – when feelings are so powerful it’s as if some force beyond your control is guiding you to someone who can make you happy beyond your wildest dreams,Never question if you are in love or not, because if you were you wouldn’t need to ask,You fail to see the one who loves you standing right in front as does he fail to see you love him in turn. Don’t wait to tell him,because it might be to late then that’s my believe that’s why i want you to know that i really do want to build a lovely relationship with that special woman, (you) who knows,What is more important is the love you shared, the memories you have or the lovely moment, i think we should give love a chance to swallow us up. Don’t just think it will happen in a instant, it will surprise you before you know it, but it will be the most rewarding experience you will ever have.Love is a noble act of self-giving, offering trust, faith, and loyalty. The more you love, the more you lose a part of yourself, yet you don’t become less of who you are, you end up being complete with your loved ones. I felt not complete with the single life i am living right now.I don’t just love my woman but show her,As food is needed for the body, the same way love is needed for the soul. Food strengthens the body while love strengths the soul. A person is incomplete without love,I don’t believe in love at first sight anymore, I cried too much over it to believe in it, I think I need glasses to see accurately ’cause I can never really see the right one for me,well am very happy meeting you,i have been lonely for years just because i don’t wanna meet the wrong woman,i will be very happy to meet you someday,i just hope you are not a player like other woman because have been played so many time and heart broken by different woman.I truly wanna love and be loved, i wanna be with a one man woman forever and be happy together.
Hope to hear from you soon

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