Scott Maxwell,

4168801musername:  Honesty4Love
name: Scott Maxwell
age: 48
location: Detroit, Michigan, United States
ethncity: white
occupation: –
marital status: widowed

IP address:

in short, I’m a person who likes to have fun but appreciates the little things in life and I want to find someone who is a reflection of the person I think I am. People would say…I’m honest, trustworthy and loyal. I’m dependable. I don’t take shortcuts. I work hard and I play hard. At the same time I have a big heart. I don’t judge – I’m not perfect and neither are you. I’m very spontaneous and I’m always game to do whatever, whenever. I have a great sense of humor there isn’t a movie I can’t quote. Things about me…I’m original From USA…I played football in college and i love football…I’ve been sky-diving…every year I go with friends on a “man trip” to a different location for the outdoors…my last concert was the Foo Fighters… I used to draw, so I appreciate art…I’m a music and movie buff…I do like social settings but don’t consider myself an extrovert…I don’t dance usually but will with a few drinks (not that you want to see that)…I like to cut and stack wood, don’t ask why…I am an Enginer… What I’m looking for…I’m open to having kids or not having kids, but what’s most important is that I find the right person to start a relationship with….no party girls…this person likes to have fun and travel, but could be just as happy staying in and watching a movie by the fire….has a sense of humor and doesn’t take themselves too serious…is not too high maintenance, but takes care of themselves…I know it is cliche but someone who is a good person. I get called a nice guy a lot, so it only makes sense right?i am not a wink fan you can Email me!!!. if you will love to know me feel free to email me here is my email address scottmaxwell2012 via yahoo mail thanks for going through my profile!!!!!

Hello how are you doing today hope you are fine well i really love what i see in your profile i am new to this site and i am not a paying memeber I am looking for the Woman of my life , who i will always treat like a Queen, and never make her regret for falling in love with me , i will always do whatever at takes me to make Her happy and pamper her like a new born baby , i want the Woman of my life who will never cheat on me or break my heart, i would always like us to go for walk , go watch movies , go to the beach side , do a lot of things as great couples and i also want you to know age is just a nunber to me when i am looking for something good in a woman so kindly get back to me as soon as you get this.. if you are looking for the same you can fell free to contact me!! here is my email scottmaxwell2012 via yahoo i will be looking to hear from you soon..Scott

letter to victim:
How are you doing today hope you are fine well i am so much happy to hear back from you, i will really love to know you know you more better and see what more could develop in common..I am an intelligent, successful person. I am frequent told I am cute, don’t look my age and remind people of someone–go figure. Actually, I really am a little shy and modest. I like to do many things but particularly love to be spontaneous and uninhibited. I like a woman that can be wild at times or just chill out other times. I also like someone with a fun personality that likes to laugh at most anything and doesn’t take life too seriously. When I was married and before that,   Now that I am “free”, I want to pick up where I left off! I am currently looking for a serious relationship Honestly, I am in the home strech of a “rough patch” in my life and am excited about moving ahead. I am a sensitive person, although I may not come across that way, but don’t want to be hurt. I try my best to take good care of who I am dating if they appreciate it and do the same for me. I have many talents including around the house, in business…you name it!. I don’t mind taking risks like starting my own business even though I knew it meant taking an income hit in the short term in return for being my own boss! I am seeking an attractive, classy somewhat  women that takes good care of herself and is not to opinionated. I like the nice things in life like foreign luxury/sports cars, clothes although I really am not materialistic. I am just accustomed to these kind of things and appreciate them, especially the right kind of woman. I like to be free spirited and uninhibited. Dining out; movies, skiing, traveling or just staying at home are all fine with me. I have a dry, witty sense of humor and like someone that is too serious about everything most of the time.i will be looking forward to read back from you soon..
i will attach some of my pictures in my next mail i Promise..

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IP is Nigeria
IP doesn’t correspnd location
Nigerian wording
Uses pictures of 2 different men

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