Richard Anderson,

richard 2username: foereverlivinglove
name: Richard Anderson
age: 56
location: Knoxville, Tennessee, United States
ethncity: white
occupation: architect
marital status: divorced

IP address:

I’m young at heart,a great guy,handsome with a great sense of humor, 6.1ft tall.I’m intelligent, minded, monogamous,spontaneous, a good listener, a loyal friend and lover and I’m really looking forward to spending lots of quality time with the woman of my dreams,pretty laid back.i am adventurous and humble.. I take care of myself physically, spiritually, and mentally.i also enjoy dancing Salsa alot.I think love is about feeling very close to someone and sharing my life with a partner that I cherish and adore. I think it’s about being there late at night if just to be woken for a hug or a kiss or a talk and, of course, more. I think love is about watching over and protecting each other, and doing it not only because we should but because we truly care. And I think it’s about hugging and kissing and doing whatever we can to make each other happy because those are the reasons we’re there. I desire a woman who I feel is that special someone who I can’t wait to come home to at the end of a day and her to me. One who I can share with and for her to feel those same feelings towards me. Communicating is how to make a relationship work.Trust is also very important we should be able to trust one another I’m seeking a woman of integrity, passion and warmth… a sensitive soul. We shouldn’t like exactly the same things.Distance isnt really a problem for me am ready to go anywhere in search of my one and true love.I love kids but unfortunately i dont have one,i don’t want a female version of myself, but rather someone compatible with me.Someone who is ready to plunder the world’s treasures. I desire to find my best friend,partner,the right woman, a companion to share, dream and explore with.Am not looking for a perfect woman because no one is perfect am looking for a woman who i can blend my life with hers and we both happy till the ends.I like easy-going,honest,romantic,sincere and friendlyWoman.I dislike dishonesty,inconsiderate and disrespectful. I value and respect all women because they are special gifts given to us by God..i also love to pamper my woman and make her happy..If any of this sparks your interest and if you think this describes you feel free to respond to me.Thank you for Stopping and Good luck to you all.

How you doing ? I want to let you know i’m very interested to know you more.Feel free to write me here via, You can also hit me up on yahoo messenger id chat is , richinty Hope to hear back from you soonest. Keep in touch

letter to victim:
Dear XXX,
How you doing and nice meeting you on the Confirio dating site and thanks for giving me your email address. Thanks for giving me a chance to write. Let me tell you about myself.Richard Anderson is my name.Divorced with no kids.6ft 1 I’m an architect by profession and also into interior designing.I really enjoy my Job I work as an independent contractor,I’m very hardworking man of integrity,honor and humble,spontaneous,monogamous and down to earth. I’m 55 years and my birthday was 11 December of last year that’s 1957 that makes me Sagittarius. I have many interest such as Reading,Golfing,Swimming,coffee conversation,dinning, hiking,Exploring new areas,Skiing,Camping,Shopping did i really say that, exploring new areas,Dancing Salsa to be precise,and i do exercise 3-4 times in a week depending on how busy i get,biking and watch movies also like a good conversation and I don’t take much of alcohol. A glass of wine could have me talking a little more than usual so i try to avoid it. I’m a pretty good cook. My Favorite Food is Pizza with pepperoni toppings,Pasta ,fettuccine,Macaroni ,BBQ,chicken soup ,shrimps,chicken,Ranch salad and grilled steak,baked potato,my bowl of cheerios as breakfast.I also like Italian and Chinese.My Favorite Color is Royal Blue,Turquoise,sky blue and i like black too. I have a mixed breed Golden retriever and his name is Turbo and a female parrot Amazon talking bird and her name is Cindy they make me very happy and such friendly and fun am hoping to get another Dog this year a chihuahua and also a Horse because i enjoy riding Horse. I’m a nice,caring,honest,open minded,understanding with a kind and tender heart and i guess its time for me to move on with my life. I appreciate the simple things of life such as fresh air, water, nature.. I’m easy going, cool headed,live a very comfortable life and just looking to share it with someone. I desire to find my best friend…. a companion to share, dream and explore with a partner who I can connect with on all levels, body, mind, and emotions I want to come home from work and have someone there to talk to and tell somethings, maybe about the days activities or just someone to be my best friend and spend the rest of my life with. I’m not looking for a perfect woman because no one is perfect.I hope i haven’t spoken too soon. I’m just trying to express myself.Feel free to ask me more I would love to hear back from you. Here are a couple of my pictures and hope you like them.
Write back and tell me more about you.

Rich 2 Richard 3 richard 5 richard-4

IP is AOL range used in scams
pictures are stolen from a known source
Nigerian wording

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