Peter Willmas,

p1username: peter1221
name: Peter Willmas
age: 48
location: New York City, New York, United States
ethncity: white
occupation: –
marital status: widowed
alternative email:

IP address:

I am down to earth but very confident. I am genuine, honest, loyal and trustworthy. I am very passionate, thoughtful and a romantic at heart. I am well traveled, elegant, successful, ambitious and highly cultured. I like my jeans but often look for occasions to get well dressed. I am loving, affectionate and attentive. I am not the bar type of guy, I much rather to share a drink with a special someone than with a bunch of guys after work. I am a man that knows what he wants and I am known to go get it. I have gone through good times as well as challenging ones and I have learned a lot from both. I feel very lucky and blessed for all my accomplishments. I am looking for a life long love that is appreciative of a man that will strive to make her feel special, loved and pretty.I love warm weather and nice sandy beaches to relax under the sun. I love the Caribbean and I travel there as often as I can. I so much enjoy the swimming pool as well.

Hello how are you doing today?i am peter i am 48 years hold i am here to meet a good woman,and life has been filled with heartbreaks and i don’t want anymore hurt or pains,I want to find a woman, who wants a relationship based on Truth, Real Love not love, Compassion, Friendship, Loyalty, and Honesty i will like to hear from you
I will be honest with you
Your profile got me some attraction so i wanted to know u more about you and i also discover ur kind of person and maybe see how we two can make a relationship,i will like to discurse what are very important to me and you to start up a friendship then other things follow actually looking for a serious woman with a good sense of humors who will make me happy till the end of my life .I have been heart broken before and I’m tied of playing games. Just want a good woman. Someone who loves life the way it was meant for us to enjoy. It has been a really long time since i’ve been with anyone but what i think is important to know about that person is she communicate well, she is trustworthy, honest, with a sense of humor. I would love to have someone who loves people, animals and traveling, not particularly in any order. I would like Her to be compassionate, romantic, adventurous and maybe even a little spontaneous too. I am a very good listener and would enjoy long conversations with someone, go to events (sports, arts, etc.). Hopefully that gives you a little insight into who i am and what is important to me. If you think so too, i’d like to hear from you. I would like it very much if you Email Me.

letter to victim:
Hi Dear! My name is Peter Willmas, I am a single parent, I have a daughter her name is Helen…she 7 year old now, I love her so much bcos she is all i have . actually her mother died after she was born since then my sister has be taking proper care of her i am 48 years hold i am really looking to meet a honest and loving and caring woman i am a good Christian and i always believe in god i am looking for my soul mate, I want a woman who will love Me and my daughter as much as I will love her. A woman who will be honest and faithful. A woman who will make me her priority, as I will for her. A woman who is affectionate, loving, thoughtful, attentive and not afraid to SHOW me how much, not just tell me… A woman who can laugh with me, cry with me, love with me, etc. A woman with a good personality and sense of humor, a life partner, a soul mate. If you are looking for a good Godly man Without all the games and drama and lies, that will commit to you! And will love you forever and never betray you or lie to you or leave you or give up on you. If this is what you need and search for in a man. Lets talk, lets meet, lets get together, lets try!

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IP is a proxy
IP doesn’t correspond location
Nigerian wording
Last name is misspelled
Pictures are stolen from a known source

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