Brucks Omari,

188087961_12716500_52110437username:  brucksomari
name: Brucks Omari
age: 51
location:  United Kingdom
ethncity: –
marital status: single
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I am very curious person; I am fond of classic literature and philosophy. I like to go to the theater, love active vocations, traveling. I like to listen to music, love nature, animals. I love to dream. I love my life

Hello and how are you doing…I’m Brucks 52yrs single looking with one kid and I’m looking for a long term and serious relationship and not to play games..If you are here for games or Jokes then I’m sorry…I will like to start with the right woman and i think we can get to know more about each other…Hope to hear from you soon.

letter to victim:
Hello ,How are you doing ?Its really a pleasure to get this chance to get to tell you all about myself …I’m Brucks 54yrs half British and half Italian,I was born in Italy and Raised here in Del Ray Beach ,Florida,Am the only child of my parents and I have lost both of my parents,I was married for 30years with the result of one son who is 20years old ,I lost my wife 3 years ago Get involve In Car Accident from Church and i have been lonely since then ,Am now searching for someone Caring,Faithful,Loyal,Truthful,Loving,Generous,Goals Achiever,Honest,Spiritual oriented,Future driven,Confidential,Understands the ups and downs of life,Committed to relationship,Reader,Visionary,Conservative,Passionate,Romantic,sexy and loving.etc ………My Dad was an investor and businessman,He use to own a store in some part of the countries which he does Mining of Gold ,Diamond and…..also own clothing and an electronics store,when my dad passed away I inherited the store and decided to run it my self ,Everything has been moving on well for me and the store..I now have my son in some part of the Content taking Good care of it for me ,Ask me questions am ready to answer,I will be looking forward for ur reply,Hope u will take this chance to tell me all about itself ..cya

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