Venturo Yishachar,

l516dgfy-ssl-0-mcgkolbusername: vent1960
name: Venturo Yishachar
age: 52
location: Orlando, Florida, US
ethncity: white
occupation: Collector
marital status: widowed

IP address: –

I am straightforward, strong willed, and therefore I don’t smoke at all,I believe in treating others as I like to be treated; with kindness, courtesy, consideration, honesty, respect, etc. I do not judge others; that is up to God and I am not prejudice unless it comes to someones negative (bad) character and lack of respect, courtesy, kindness, honesty, etc. I view others through their eyes; the windows to their soul (heart) not through their physical features or attributes. Actions speak louder than words with me.

I’m Vent,52 yrs old and i am sending you this message with cheers,cares,love and joy.I saw your profile and i really want to know much about you and i will be so happy if you get back soon to me so that we can get to know each other and do more introduction.The feelings i have now is that i like you and i want to be so close to you
I do not know who you are, or how you are at this moment, but I just want you to know that I hold onto life and look forward to the day you will meet me. I hate fate for letting me meet you so late, but no matter the consequences, I will be strong.I hope you can feel how i cherish you , and I hope that whatever you go through will make you who you are when you meet me. May God send you joy,peace and happiness until the day we are together. Life can be cruel. Dearest, but it all comes to pay.
I want you to know that age doesnt matter in this relationship so i dont want you to bring into the matters because in any relationship what matters is understanding. I may be older and you can be older but i want you to know that our age doesnt matter. I believe we will be perfect match.
My yahoo id is : venturoyishachar so please add me now and lets chat
I cherish you but know that my heart is beating with yours. Take care for me, and I hope you will try to seek me as I do for you.
Please add me and let us chat as soon as possible.
I hope to read from you soon

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