Henry Owen, greatarmyguy50@yahoo.com

247788_103912196366926_1494956_nusername: valeny23
name: Henry Owen
email: greatarmyguy50@yahoo.com
age: 49
location: Los Angeles, California, United States
ethncity: Native American
occupation: military
marital status: single

IP address:

I’m a passionate man,loving and kind from other men in the whole world. I no how to treat woman right. Very patient and honest. Looking for someone like my soulmate

Hi how are you doing? I’m henry working for usa army deployed in afghanistan, I’m 46 yrs. I looking for the love of my heart, a woman that will also be my soul mate. Someone with love, honest, patient, trustworthy and kind. I’m new to this site just check on your profile and saw ur pics, you are so beautiful and pretty from other woman have been seeing in my life. I”m really interested in you and I want you to be the woman I want for my entired life….here is my email address greatarmyguy50@yahoo.com or you can leave me your email address so we can talk more and get to know our self better….waiting to hear back from you soon.take care.

IP is a proxy
IP doesn’t correspond location
Nigerian wording

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