Ryan Mcconnell, sgt.ryanmcconnell209@yahoo.com

username: mcconnellryan
name: Ryan Mcconnell
email: sgt.ryanmcconnell209@yahoo.com
age: 41 or 43
location: Arizona, or Tulsa Oklahoma, or Miami, Florida, United States
ethncity: –
occupation: Military
marital status: –
alternative names: Andre Mcconnell or Amos Jacky Mcconnell

IP address:

am a very serious man and hard working man …….i don’t joke with my life
What can I say about myself, not much. However, I have made several changes in my life, I had enough of the politics in the education world. I have gone back to the one job that I found enjoyment in, THE ARMY. I reenlisted back in MARCH. Then its off to see the world. Hopefully this time I get to see the world. Life couldn’t be any better than it already is and will be in the future. Life was handing my lemons so I decided to make lemonaid. For all of you wondering why I joined army, I did it because I think that’s what i like most. I actually make more in THE ARMY than doing any job. Also, I have less headaches.

hello, i am a sgt in the us army,i looked through your profile and i
feel we could have a connection..i will like to start from been
friends cos i like taking things slowly and let us find out where that
one leads us to…you can mail me on my private mail box
sgt.ryanmcconnell209@gmail.com..would be glad if u can drop ya email
address..waiting for your email address..thanks


IP doesn’t correspond location
Nigerian wording
Registered on different sites with different location and name
Pictures don’t correspond his age

Also see here:

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