Harry Moore, harrymoore118@yahoo.com

username: harrymoore1
name: Harry Moore
email: harrymoore118@yahoo.com
age: 52
location: Ohio City, United States
ethncity: –
occupation: –
marital status: –

IP address:

description: –

How are you doing cutie,you look so good and attractive.have you ever been told that you are really beautiful and a girl of every responsible guy’s dream!!?i really will like to know you better as well and will like you to tell me if i’m welcome and as well have a brief chat on the yahoo if you do have it.do take good care of yourself and make sure nobody hurts you…angel eyes!!!Hope to read from you soon
harrymoore118@yahoo.com thanks for your sweet words okay

IP is a Nigeria
IP doesn’t correspond location
Picture doesn’t correspond his age

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