collins brown,

username: trustlove
name: collins brown
age: 60
location: Miami, Florida, United States
ethncity: –
occupation: –
marital status: –

IP address:

I am a balanced, very sociable, sympathetic and affectionate man with a good sense of humor,Strong and gentle; warm and generous, simple and sophisticated, deep and thoughtful, compassionate and intuitive, faithful and true, loving and passionate, proud and humble, serious and playful, laughing and smiling, integral and loyal, careful and kind.

it was really nice browsing through your profile, i’m very much interested and want to know more about you.Do you mind if we can communicate and share some pictures of each other.If you have any interest in me and want to get in touch with me ,you can leave your via email address here and i will write to you as soon as i can okay.Have a wonderful day, waiting to hear from you soon.Thanks
how is your day going dear .thanks for the rely,that will be very nice to hear from you so that we can chat to know more about each other okay dear ,this is my yahoo address,i will be waiting to hear from you soon okay dear

letter to victim:
I find myself very calm and considerate man. I am always ready to fins love. Also, I am cheerful and kind person that helps me to have a lot of friends. As every serious man I am very modest. I am found of dancing and it helps me to take my life much easier. I like to read books about different cultures. That helps me to understand people better. I like cooking, I’m feel passion while doing much tasty dishes. If I fall in love I will love my woman for her whole personality, for she compassionate heart, for her intellect and her believes and values. I am very serious in relationships.i have one son and three grandchildren whom i love so much because they are the only people i have now in my life .I lost my wife some years ago ,remembering her is something that makes me feel so sad but i try to keep myself up and look to the future,it been years being alone and this time around i think i need someone who will love and care for me always .i have been retired from work years ago,i was once a manager in the Mercedes bens company in Germany.i purposely here looking forward to meet a woman who will love and cherish me for who i am and not to play games …..guess this is okay for you and will be waiting to hear from you soon …

IP is Ghana
IP doesn’t correspond location
Nigerian wording

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