mark dennis,

username: markd400
name: mark dennis
age: 58
location: Barlingeym, California, United States
ethncity: Asian
occupation: Construction
marital status: widowed

IP address:


I am MARK DENNIS, looking for that special man to enjoy love, life and laughter with! This picture was taken at Thanksgiving, so what you see is what you this is what you get! I am looking for a companion, friend and hopefully lover, but initially I want to get to know you. I am a great listener and have plenty of funny life stories of my own. No baggage to deal with, I left it at the station a long, long time ago, and I do not miss it at all. I have a ton of energy and I am looking for someone that wants to enjoy life, not let it pass them by.
You may ask what I am looking for in a relationship, and I will asked you, at what point in the relationship are you searching for your answer? I feel that any expectations regarding another person should be the same as given to oneself. I guess for me, each and every experience is different and doesn’t evoke the same outcome. In every stage of a relationship I hope my expectations of myself and my partners expectation of himself mirror a similar reflection and there will be peace and contentment for both of us..
I am very optimistic and leave the past in the past. I love to laugh and find plenty of humor in life. I guarantee I will make you laugh and am looking forward to your humor and our uncontrollable laughter together. I will love to make you laugh and will tease you. I hope you will do the same to me. Laughter is such a wonderful gift! .
I am intelligent, caring, honest, loyal, funny, tactile and will be devoted to my mate. I am totally a one woman man and like it that way. I am my best in a relationship, I thrive and love doing special things for my partner. I am a very patient and respectful individual, and must be treated with respect. I am comfortable just hanging out at home, a coffee shop, the park or attending a high society function. I am very tactile and looking for that quality in a woman, PDA (public displays of affection) is a given. I am very romantic and have a exciting side to me


IP is a VPN
This VPN is widely used in scams
IP doesn’t correspond location

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