Dennis Alsip,

username: alsipdennis
name: Dennis Alsip
age: 58
location: Texas City or Bandera, Texas, United States
ethncity: –
occupation: Self Employed Contractor
marital status: –

IP address:,

description: –

I know that somewhere in this world there is a person who wants to find love, hope and mutual understanding as much as I do. The relations between a man and a woman should be based on trust and respect, and being able to solve any problem by the way of compromises. That’s the way to keep the sparkle of love burning for many years. I have been looking for a woman to share all the secret things with me and to feel her presence even though there may be many miles between us….you can email me on and lets get to know more about each other… hope to hear from you soon…Dennis..

letter to victim:
how are you doing today?, well here are some things about me i will love to share with you for now, I work as a contractor and presently now out of state due to my job i will be back to state in 5 weeks time willing to relocate for that special woman. Am Dennis Alsip by name I’m originally from U.S.. My dad was from U.s and my mom was from Italy, so you could say i have mixed Italian and english in me..I was born in U.S.A and lived there till now…i lived with my parents till i was 13 when they got divorved…so my mum took me to Texas where i went to school.. believe me she was the best mom anyone could ever wish for.. Well you could say i spent most of my life in the US I feel so alone and have no grandparents.. , i have a son he is Steve by name and 20years of age. I am divorced with my ex because she had to file for a divorce after getting what she wanted which was my money and body…Then i have been into many relationship all end into heart breaks,i have been used and played in the past by women and i know what it feels like to be used and played am not looking for a woman to play me or me play her either, am looking for a woman who can be the best she can with me, I have gave up on Love sometimes Ago, but my son… keep pestering me that he needs a Mom in his life that can really take good care of him because he have never had a Mother care in his entire life,that can do . So that why A Friend introduced me into this online dating stuff, am really new to it and i saw your pictures and i found myself memorizing your profile and pictures i cant get the thought of you outta my head so that why i decided to drop you a note at the first place,I am a Single and Lonely Man i think cos i haven’t found the perfect woman for me. down in my heart of hearts i know that there is a woman out there that wants to love me for me and wants to be loved by me in return just haven’t had much luck in finding her but I know she is out there somewhere.. I love traveling my job is all about traveling, I have been to so many Countries and State’s here in the US. Love going to beach and dinning out most especially candle light dinner i love it so much, i love going Shopping with steve.Well i think this is all for now cos i have already say much about me on my profile i don’t have much to say again.tell me anything you know you will like to share with me more about yourself i will be waiting to read from you again and feel free to ask me anything more you will love to know about me am an open minded person…Well like i said my Job is all about traveling but am willing to stop all the traveling stuff as soon as i find the right woman. and also i can travel a million miles just to meet the woman i love when..the time comes. Well and also i am the only child of my Parent. Am a virgo – The one that waits dominant in relationships. Always wants the last word. caring. smart. loyal. easy to talk to. easy to please. tell me more about yourself too.I have some questions for you …I feel that no matter the distance if you can find one great person where you have the chemistry and a good connection then there is no distance too far away what is meant to be will always be..i will add you up now to my yahoo messenger so we can talk more on there…take care.. Best Regards..Dennis

IP is Nigeria
IP doesn’t correspond location
Message is widely used in scams

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