jerry williams,

username: loveisgentle
name: jerry williams
age: 53
location: California, United States
ethncity: white
occupation: –
marital status: single

IP address:,

description: –

Hello, My name is Jerry Williams, I came across your profile and l think l love everything about you, l think we should get to know much more about each other if you don’t mind.
I’m online if you wish to know me more. This is my yahoo ID to chat with me
jerry_williamsreloaded at yahoo, or email me,
See you soonest
Jerry Williams

Letter to victim:

Here’s little about me and l want to use these opportunity once again appreciating the our conversation we had hope you are okay.
You’re so kind to me and you are deserve to be treated kind as well. You beautiful that every man would want to hold hands with you someday.
Looking into your eyes alone, shows me a beautiful world. And i guess I’ll be the luckiest man getting to talk to you. If i were to present your picture in heaven, most of the Angels would hide their faces in shame.
Once again my name is Jerry Williams, I’m originally from Santa Barbara u.s.a in Calif.
Later Move to UK, England. I travel a lot due to the nature of my business. I’m 6″1 tall with brown eyes and dark black hair.
I studied in the University of North Texas I had Master of Business Administration and also BS in civil Engineering in Denton, Texas. I lost my parents just when I was a teenager and was raised by my late uncle who lived in UK England.
My daughter is all I have including you in my life.
Single now, looking for Serious relationship. I need a true relationship based on trust and affection, l have 1 kid her name is Catherine, she is 4 going to 5years. She is in UK with my younger sister Ellen with my grandmother.
I am a Christian Catholic by Religion and also a Caring, Nice, Kind, faithfully, Loyal and God Fearing Man.
l love my daughter so much and she is all l have in this world.
I’m a Civil Engineer, I also work for myself as a private contractor from home. I deal on buildings like Real estate, Roads, Bridges, Residential homes etc.,
I like dancing, swimming, cuddling, camping, like playing basketball and golf, like taking long walks in a warm summer, like watching movies and going to the cinema.
Above all love to meet pretty Angel like you happy and put great smiles on your face. I would like a partner who is Intelligent, self-confident, romantic, affectionate, kind, athletic.
If you don’t have all these quality my dear please don’t mind what matter to me here is your real love and commitment. A women who loves herself and has the willingness to be open.
I want a person to love me for who l am and not what l am. l like to travel travel, I’d love a woman who will join me in sensual intimacy and a real desire to be communicative.
Well am very romantic person….l give all l can do to make my lady to feel for me. l will always make her happy wont hurt her. l will never lie to her. l will be 100% honest and sincere to her but l will like her to do the same for me.
l don’t want to get divorce any more or allow what have happened to me in the past should come my way again, because l will get hurt more and more…. and that will make me to not trust any lady again.
But l know one day l will find my sweetest love ever l just hope time will for each other.
I am looking for a life commitment. No head games please. My Dear Angel let us work these out and stay happy for the rest of our life, my heart is open to you here is my arm come to me. And l also believe nothing good comes easy except by handwork.
My Dear, if you don’t mind l do like to know you better too. l Hope to hear from you soon my Love.
Take good care of Yourself have a wonderful weeks ahead my Love. I am sorry for my late reply due to my work, l await to read from you soon

IP is Nigeria
IP doesn’t correspond location
Nigerian wording

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