Daniel Lalonde, danlonde@yahoo.com

username: danlonde
name: Daniel Lalonde
email: danlonde@yahoo.com
age: 42
location: Yeadon, Pennsylvania, United States
ethncity: –
occupation: –
marital status: –

IP address:,

great pride in taking care of the priorities in my life. My life is ..fairly active, but I also enjoy relaxing by the pool, park, lake or hot ..tub.Well when we get to meet you know much more about me…Hopefully to ..read back from you……..

i am really very interested in you and will like to hook up with you if you don,t mind i am an easy going man i respect women for their being and i help build on their strenght i will tell you more maybe when i get to know you better alrite here is my fone number you can all or send me text sms if you cares not imposing 4844666154 you are such a beautiful woman and whole heavens of Gods peace creative i have seen beauty in my life but babe you are a discovery do have a pleasant time till hear from you again…..
i have e-mail and here is it :danlonde@yahoo.com you can also send to me your own yahoo messanger so i can add you so we can talk from there or what do you think ???? pretty good i am sure you are on the bbw side and thats my best choice in a woman i really will appreciate more picx if you cares cos i do care more ….you are such a beautiful woman that i have seen beauty in my life but babe you are a discovery ..you are really what i want but need to get to know you more and thats i really will like that …

IP is Nigeria
IP doesn’t correspond location
Nigerian wording

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