Jeffery Avlon,

username: jeffery101
name: Jeffery Avlon
age: 44
location: New York, United States
ethncity: –
occupation: civil engineer
marital status: –

IP address:

am an easy going individual that is seriously in search of a soulmate and some one i can love and at the same time who can love me in return

How are you doing? hope all is going an easy going individual that is seriously in search of a soulmate and some one i can love and at the same time who can love me in return.i wish to know more about you as i have read through your profile and feel there are things we have in common.please do tell me a bit more about yourself as i am interested in you.i care and hope to hear from you soon.feel free to write me on this email ( )

letter to victim:
Hello Dear,
It is so good to connect with you on email. Thank you for writing. I shuttle Sydney, NZ, Singapore and Britain but am based here in the USA and i practice as an civil engineer presently and i work on international contract basis which has allowed me to travel to 59 countries of the world.
I feel compelled to write you about me. So please find below a little information about me that would help you understand my personality and origin ..
My Thoughts:
First, I would love to say a big THANK YOU for giving us this wonderful opportunity to get to know each other and I am willing and ready to go all the way with you. I see we share so much in common and you posses the qualities I desire in my dream woman.
I find you very attractive and I can sense a deep level of intelligence in you. You profile is interesting and I find it promising that I can actually close my eyes and picture a life with you. I am easy going and most of all a good listener so please feel free to tell me your likes and dislikes, what you desire in your dream man and what you seek out of life itself.
Here is a little more about me and I hope you would tell me about you too.
I was born in the United states of America in New York to be precise. My dad moved to England and the family comprising of my mom, dad and I – moved. I obtained my MBBS from China Engineering University and my masters iS from Stanford California. Subsequently, I returned to Alvechurch, England to take possession of my Father’s business. From then on done this and that to finally find myself where I am today.
This year has really been good for me business wise but romantically i’ve been crippled.
My Dad was an International Business man until his demise. We traveled more times than I can ever remember. My mom was originally from Greater country South Africa hence my SA origin. Dad was in SA for business and they met, fell in love and got married. he passed 12 Years ago for Dad and mom is in the states with me but in another of my house
I am laid back, optimistic, creative, Loving, easy going, confident and a good listener. I learn from my experiences in life and I follow my heart before I leap. I enjoy good company, good conversation and intellectual challenges.
I am approximately 6’1ft tall. 87 – 90kg (fluctuates), my shoe size is 44.5 Europe, and dark hair (Turning a bit too grey these days) blue eyes and the rest you can see.
I am Caucasian white, I have a deep sense of fashion and I try to keep up to the minute with the latest trend. My usual style is casual, plain and simple. I have a thing for perfumes and colognes, deodorants, a clean home, cooking, spotless kitchen, air fresheners and the moonlight.
I am hard working and only happy with giving 100% to whatever it is I do. I engage in various charitable works across the world. I believe the world can be a better place for all of us if we work towards keeping it that way. I’m also a seductive singer and I love reading and writing poems. I’m not perfect in any way so I don’t seek perfection in my dream woman. If you’d be yourself and open your heart to me, I hope to fall in love again someday.
I was in a relationship for 8years; broke up 5 years ago and within this period I have been celibate and really disconnected from relationships and love. I decided to try again, this time ready to love again. My friends say I have a feeble mind; I tend to fall in love easily. I always ask, “why not?” I believe in giving myself fully to anyone I am comfortable with. My entire life, I have been in about 6 relationships and within, I never cheated.
I consider myself to be soft-spoken and friendly and my friends would say I have an inviting spirit that is undeniable; I apply humor in most of all I do. Even in business I try to ease the tension with light jokes and wise cracks.
Nevertheless, I seek true love and hope to find a woman to grow old with, while sharing the good and bad times together as one. I believe ‘Honesty, Faithfulness and Communication’ is the key to a perfect relationship. I apply that, all the way.
I never believed I will someday resort to online dating to find love, but I presume everything has its reasons and purpose. I joined dating site, Looked at various profiles and then settled on yours because I felt a connection, merely from reading your profile.
So far it has been interesting getting to know you and I am indeed honored. I am willing to travel anywhere or do anything just to be with you.
I would love you to tell me more about yourself and your family too.
Remain blessed and have a wonderful day ahead.
Loads of kisses and a thousand hugs


IP is South Africa
IP doesn’t correspond location
Letter format used in scams before

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